Ilayathalapathy Vijay Shows Why He Is Loved By His Fans


Vijay-Shows-Why-He-Is-LovedIlayathalapathy Vijay is one of those actors down South with huge fan base, not only in his hometown but also in the neighbouring states.

While other actors might find it difficult to keep in touch with their fans, Vijay does it in style by making good use of his official social networking page, every now and then.

It can also be safely said that the Puli  actor spends much more time with his fans than his contemporaries, especially when they (fans) need him the most.

If you thought that he visits his fans’ family only at the time of grief think again, for the actor in demand has recently surprised his fan by visiting him and his family.

It is said that the wife of Vijay’s hardcore fan wanted to surprise her husband by arranging him a meet with his favourite star. When she contacted Vijay through a friend, the actor amid his busy schedule readily agreed to meet her husband.

What more, he even spent quality time with the family of his fan, especially his kid (as seen in the picture above). Now, that’s what we call giving importance to one’s fans.