Ileana Attracts Many As Ssensational Celebrity!


McAfee, the leading Internet security and virus management software creator, conducted their annual survey for Most Sensational Celebrity, on whose name the malicious virus spreading hackers tend to attract common internet user into their trap.

In this survey, Kapil Sharma topped the list last year and this year, Ileana D’Cruz replaced him, as ‘Most Sensational Celebrity”.

Venkat Krishnapur, Vice President of Engineering and Managing Director, McAfee talked about how the hackers lure the simple audience, he said,

“While fans religiously track their icons, online security is often compromised over speed and convenience. Cyber criminals leverage this opportunity to lure unsuspicious users by directing them to malicious links that could be used to infect devices or steal identities.

“As a precaution, consumers need to think before they click and avoid suspicious links that promise free content featuring favourite celebrities, movies, TV shows or pictures to protect themselves from cyber fraud.”

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