Ileana D’Cruz regrets missing Telugu Films


ileana-felt-bad-with-commenIleana D’Cruz was a Top Heroine in Telugu Film Industry few years ago. She, however, began focusing only on Bollywood after signing ‘Barfi’. Now, The Hip Beauty regrets ignoring Telugu projects as filmmaker down South stopped approaching her.

In a recent interview, Ileana said: ‘Right now, I’m doing only one or two Hindi films per year. I wasn’t approached for any of the South Films in the recent past. I don’t know what could be the reason. Recently, A Telugu Director narrated me a subject and told me I will be the female lead of his project. However, He didn’t came back to Me thereafter. Now, Another Actress is being roped to reprise the same character. When I enquired about the reason, The Director just apologized to Me’.

‘All the films I acted so far were signed by me as I liked the scripts. They weren’t done half-heartedly. ‘Barfi’ which marked my debut in Hindi earned me good reputation. ‘Rustom’ opposite Akshay Kumar is a good experience. I learnt so much while working for every project. I would look at Director’s face soon after the completion of every shot. I will be happy with my performance only if the filmmaker is satisfied. Waiting to receive roles which offer me scope to perform from Southern Filmmakers’.