Ileana Lost Her Charm


Ileana D Cruz, the Goan beauty was the first one in the Telugu film industry to demand a remuneration of one crore. With her slimness and a size zero body, she has set fitness goals for the fans, as well as her colleagues in the film industry. All of a sudden, she disappeared from the industry and is making her comeback now with the upcoming Telugu film Amar Akbar Anthony. Surprisingly, she has lost all the slimness and charm which is a disappointing news for the fans.

The theatrical trailer has given the glimpse of her look in the movie and according to that, she is now looking bulged up. The netizens are sharing the screenshots from the teaser of the movie and she is seen in a fatty awatar in more than two frames. Even though she is not the same that we have seen in the past, the shocking unimpressive transformation during the time of the comeback might not be a healthy aspect for her career survival.

After settling down with husband, she did not concentrate much on the opportunities and gave less importance for the fitness. As she is making her comeback now, it is the time that she starts working on her body to get back to her regular look which skipped the heartbeat of many fans.

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