What Ileana Regrets About South Movies


IleanaEver since she had made her debut in Bollywood five years ago, Goan beauty Ileana has not signed a single film down South. In fact, she left Tollywood when she was one of the top actresses here. Now, the svelte beauty has opened up on what she regrets whenever she thinks of South cinema.

In her latest interview, Ileana revealed that when she was doing films down South, she had committed the mistake of signing too many movies at a time and that she would literally jump from one set to the other honoring her commitments. She added that she still regrets how she couldn’t enjoy the process of film making amidst her busy schedules.

Ileana added that she loved playing the glamorous heroine in South films and that she is looking forward to signing a South film provided she comes across an exciting opportunity.