Ileana reveals about her Horrific Experiences


Ileana600After making it big in Tollywood, Ileana D’Cruz flew to Bollywood but she realized that it’s tough to make it big there. After a series of debacles, the actress is now busy with couple of interesting offers. The actress is quite active across the social networking circles and on Sunday she took her twitter to reveal about the challenging situations women have been facing in the society these days. However she asked not to mix those with the fan acts.

Speaking during her recent interview, the actress revealed about a horrifying incident that happened during her early days of modelling. “I was on my way for an event during which a group of guys surrounded my car at a traffic signal. While one of them banged my window, another stepped on the bonnet of the vehicle which was shocking. Even after the signal turned green, they followed me and I had no body guard in my car that time” said Ileana.

The actress revealed that she faced many such instances and some times she had to react harsh and some of them have been sent behind the bars.