Ileana Vs Alia Bhatt – Who is top ‘A’ rated sensation?


Ileana-Vs-Alia-BhattIleana and Alia Bhatt, the ‘A’ rated heroines in present Bollywood are trying their best to heat up that industry with their glamour. Both these beauties came up with bikini photoshoots. Without stopping here, Ileana commented about sex few weeks back. Later on, she mentioned about spicy songs and photography.

Recently, she mentioned that her role in “Happy Ending” is related to adult story writer role. Series of ‘A’ rated information from Ileana created sensation in Bollywood in the recent times. Alia Bhatt, who mentioned that she didn’t sleep with any one, came up with the same statement in the recent times.

Soon after her debut venture, Alia Bhatt came up with the hottest statement that she didn’t sleep with anyone. Recently, a media segment asked her about affairs with the young heroes. Responding to this, Alia mentioned that she has good set of boy friends but she never had sex till date. This ‘A’ rated sensational statements from these actresses are now the hot topics in Bollywood.