Ileana Wants To Scare – Are You Ready?


Ileana-hot-galleryAfter venturing into Bollywood with ‘Barfi’, Ileana stated that she lost all her fat because hindi flick are not Telugu movies as they don’t need her to showcase her wide-hip and thin waist to grab offers.

Contrary to what she said, Ileana now looks plum like the old Telugu hottie we have seen for years. In latest flick ‘Happy Ending’, her skin shows are double than that of what she has showcased in Tollywood. Similarly, she has earlier made comments about project the best of her beauty through makeup. Now she strikes them off.

Ileana revealed that she want to act without makeup, no matter what her fans will think. ‘Alia Bhatt acted in Highway without any makeup. Even I want to do that. Maybe people will get scared to see me without paste on my face, but I’m daring enough to do that’, she said. So, are you ready for the scare?

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