I’ll Break Your Teeth Rakul: Sri Reddy


Telugu actress Sri Reddy continues to grab the attention with her bold attitude. Just before she staged a half-nude protest at the Film Chamber she has interacted with the media and made sensation comments.

She questioned Industry elders “Why you guys are not responding even though I’m speaking at the Film Chamber. I have been protesting for the injustice being done to Telugu girls for the past one month. Even after I said that many people are using us.. released chattings… claimed I have solid proofs with me industry elders are not talking about it.”

“Why North Indian women are coming to Telugu for the past ten, fifteen years to Telugu industry. Even supporting actors, mother roles are also given to North Indians why? Why are you bringing them from North India.. do you want only for sexual commitments? You don’t require any talent?”

When she was asked Rakul said that she didn’t come across casting couch kind of things, Sri Reddy shot back “When they are getting crores of rupees as remuneration why would they accept casting couch issue? When they are setting up gyms, investing in businesses and buying buildings in Mumbai, why will they feel pained with these things? They are having a good time here and they are given Audis.. BMWs.”

She fired at Rakul Preet saying that “Rakul don’t ever try to degrade our agitation. I’ll break your teeth.. and crush you on to the ground. Not just you.. anyone who degrades our agitation.. we’ll break their teeth and put them in their hands. They have to go to Mumbai to see a dentist.”

She felt that there should be a dedicated association for only Telugus. There is no committee which addresses the complaints in the chamber. There is not a single lady whom we can share our grievances.

She asked why only Sekhar Kammula talked and others are silent? Whey even Sekhar Kammula has gone silent after that? She said that whatever she is posting on their Facebook page are true. She said the people she mentioned may escape here in this world but they have to be answerable to their heart and God.