I’ll not comment, react, deny or speak about it


Nayanatara-commentHeroine Nayantara is rumoured to be dating director Vignesh Sivan and the two are also heading towards a marriage, if reports are to be believe. All in all, we have Nayantara’s WhatsApp selfie confirming things as the two are seen posing with a hug. What has Nayan to say about this.

“Just because we work in the entertainment industry, it doesn’t mean that our personal life is entertainment for others. I feel that it is immaterial and irrelevant for media to speculate and write about my personal life”, says Nayantara, who is overwhelmed by hat-trick hits in Kollywood. After scoring hits with Thani Oruvan, Maaya and Nanum Rowdy Dhaan, she became a sensational heroine with such hits in a row. However, Nayan feels her relationship is strictly personal. “Respect my privacy. I will not comment, react, deny or speak about it”, she concludes.

As she hasn’t denied, though she didn’t commented, reacted or spoke about it, people know what to expect now.