I’ll Tell Visuals, Not Dialogues: Rajamouli


Rajamouli-rubbishes-Hike-Ru‘For two decades, writers Paruchuri Brothers have dominated Tollywood with their dialogues. Directors are now made to believe that we can narrate a story with fantastic dialogues. But that’s not. Directors narrate stories with visuals too’, says Rajamouli, while explaining why his father Vijayendra Prasad’s are always a hit with him, and not with others. He explained how transition happened from dialogues to visuals to point the reasons that didn’t help Vijayendra Prasad succeed as a writer.

‘At a time when my dad used to narrate stories, all directors wanted stories with superb dialogues. But his stories are more visual oriented due to influence of English films and novels. Later on, directors like Mani Ratnam and Ram Gopal Varma showcased the power of visuals, but by that time my dad’s stories got old and pushed out of the racks’ Rajamouli explains. He confirmed that he loves to tell more of visuals than dialogues, and that’s why his father’s stories suit him well. So, if anyone wants to narrate a story with camera’s eye than just rhyming and punch dialogues, then Vijayendra Prasad’s stories are the best bet.

While Rajamouli maintains this stand, his father stated that Rajamouli’s down to earth nature and humble approach to films are helping him succeeded. Anyway, Baahubali released exactly a month back and still running to packed crowds.