I’m Here For Money: Koratala Siva


Koratala Siva, earned the name as a socially aware filmmaker who takes relevant points and makes his blockbusters.

The director and also writer, decided to do all he can to make his films hits and he said that his priority is to make a film that earns money and not to sell out some agenda.

He talked to press today to thank them for promotions. He said, “I am here to thank media, for promoting my film. Not many could be here as we have been promoting non-stop for ten days.”

He talked about how Bharat Ane Nenu won money and accolades. He said, “Jaya prakash Narayana appreciated local governance point and asked me to do films that reflect many more such useful points.”

He continued, “KTR, Telangana Minister appreciated and even wanted to have a discussion with people to talk about the points in the film.

I did not just end up rich after the film, but it made even my producer and distributors get their money back.

I am happy for that. I have few goals in Cinema Industry and I will fulfil them first and then make a political entry, if that is on my mind at that time,” concluded Siva.

Amazingly, he delivered career best grossers to those heroes at that time with all his four films.