I’m Prepared For A Flop: Nani


Actor Nani debuted with AsthaChemma as a lead on 5th September in 2008. This is his 10th year and the actor is fully aware of it.

He talked to a famous daily about his career and his father goals. He said, “I am a very common and normal person. I try to keep my head level at a comfortable height, that is, I always remember how I started and where I want to go.

“That realisation makes my journey happy and peaceful. Today, I am in successes but this will also be broken and I am prepared for that.

“People are showering me with more love than I anticipated and making my films bigger hits than I thought they would be. While that is a good position to be in, it is scary what will happen if a film fails to entertain them.”

The actor continued to say, “I trust in story and me being able to see myself in that character. I am an audience member too. So, I keep those sensibilities in my mind before judging a script and I have been wrong too.

“Still, I can only believe in myself. So, even if fancy offer is on my table, I will go for a risky choice, if the story convinces me. Hence, you see me in more young directors films.”

He concluded by saying, ” I don’t care if the gossips or rumours are about my professional life and career. But it disturbs me when the life of a women and her dignity is disrespected.

“Anyways, when a nobody is loved, he became Nani. So, if Nani encourage another nobody, that would be great for industry. My own production house will concentrate on doing so,” said Natural Star, Nani.