‘I’m Not Snake, I Just Study Snake Poison’ : RGV


RGV, Popular director Ram Gopal Varma started appearing before media with just four days ahead for the release of his latest directorial venture ‘Satya 2’. He is at peaks of wit and sarcastic answers as usual and here comes a peek of it.

Speaking about Satya 2, Ramu felt that the thought behind making this mafia flick is just wants to show crime in a new way, in a novel way and how it could shock the present system. When quizzed if he is thinking like a criminal to make these novel criminal movies, Ramu says that he is just studying criminals but not a criminal by himself. ‘I’m studying only criminal psychology to make movies. I’m not a snake myself, I’m studying only snake poison’, stressed Ramu. Known for his candid replies even for tough questions, RGV stated that he is just doing whatever that comes his mind but not preoccupied with any stuff.

Well, Ramu is trying to get attention to his November 8th release ‘Satya 2’ which will mark either his comeback to delivering successful flicks or make him totally absent from making movies. When a journo wished RGV all the best for his Satya 2, he says ‘the movie will not become blockbuster even though you wished so’. Is this snake poison effect? – See more at: http://www.gulte.com/movienews/22365/Im-Not-Snake-I-Just-Study-Snake-Poison#sthash.v7w9XIzV.dpuf