IMDB Rating Is Great, What About Votes Charmy


It is very tough to fool the audience in the social media generation. Even before the filmmakers come up with the Super Hit, Blockbuster posters, social media will reveal the real fate of the film. Surprisingly, Charmy didn’t appear to learn the fact. It is known that she is part of the ‘Mehbooba’ Team and she is seriously promoting the film with all her techniques.

She has recently tweeted that “Thank u sooo much @IMDb for 8.1 rating for #Mehbooba, means a lot to us. @purijagan @PuriConnects @ActorAkashPuri @IamVishuReddy @Neha_Shetty #PCfilm.” Everybody knows how a film gets a rating on IMDB so, the netizens started trolling Charmy. A netizen commented that “IMDB doesn’t give the rating. The rating is aggregated on the votes given by the registered IMDB members. ‘Mehbooba’ didn’t even get 100 votes so why whom are you trying to fool Charmy?”

‘Mehbooba’ opened with a disappointing talk. Puri is facing brickbats for his lackluster direction. The collections were so disappointing on the opening day and on the first Sunday. Puri reportedly sold the film for the deficit for Rs.12 crores. The trade analysts are predicting that the movie may not even recover Dil Raju’s investment back. In such a situation, Charmy is trying to make the audience believe that it is a great film. What she is clearly forgetting now is that the audience are more knowledgeable than the stars and celebrities when it comes to IMDB.