Indian Singers Rights Association launched


Singers-Rights-AssociationAll the ace singers from the south have gathered together in the city Chennai, not for any concert rather they have stepped forward and launched Indian Singers’ Rights Association [ISRA]. As in its name, ISRA will help singers to claim their royalty and copyright their compositions for profit-making.

It is known to viewers that the government has assigned a law for singers to claim their royalty Bill in 2010, which says any song recorded after 1963 is eligible for royalty claims. This is also applicable for singers as well as music composers.

Confirming the reports Haiharan said, “Yes, it is valid to both music directors and singers.” Speaking about it SPB briefed, “Once a composer sings his first song, he becomes a playback singer and is thus eligible for royalty on it.”

KJ Yesudas acknowledged the event to be ‘Birthday for singers’. “We’re not fighting against anybody, rather just utilizing the right to royalty,” they concluded.

Way2movies wishes all the composers and singer on the launch of ISRA and we hope all the veteran and upcoming singers are facilitated for their work…