Indifferences between Bellamkonda and VV Vinayak


Bellamkonda and VV VinayakUsually, ace director V V Vinayak takes lot of interest in selecting a good plot and then makes his writers to work hard on tight screenplay, before going on sets.

But this time around, he is unhappy about frequent changes made in the script in upcoming film with Bellamkonda’s son, since producer wants to make it as ‘safe’ as possible since he is putting in more than 25 crores to launch his son Srinivas in a big way in T-town. Apparently, he is coming up with own suggestions and its creating some differences between producer and director.

Even though, they are good friends, but too much interference is reportedly triggering tense moments between Bellam and Vinayak and unit members are going through some tense moments, every other day. Hope it doesn’t affect the making values?