Industry Doesn’t Belong To One Family: Pawan Kalyan


uday-kiran-wifeActor Uday Kiran’s suicide earlier this month, sparked a lot of controversy.The most contentious being the ‘Big 4’ — namely the Chiranjeevi family, Daggubati family, NTR family and Dil Raju camp — allegedly ‘sabotaging’ the actor’s career and pushing him to the brink. But now a statement has come from the most unlikely quarter. Actor Pawan Kalyan, in his usual style, lashed at detractors targeting ‘Aa Nalugu’ for everything that goes wrong in the industry.

Speaking at the music function of his nephew Sai Dharam Tej’s film, Pawan said that acting requires a lot of “self belief and is not a family inheritance”. “Acting is something that has to come from within.

Family tags cannot drive one’s career in showbiz. I feel that making it big in films and impressing the audience demands a lot of hard work and conviction, not family legacy,” said Pawan.

A visibly composed Pawan also went on to say that “everyone in the industry welcomes fresh talent” and that the industry flourishes only because of this factor. “The film industry always needs fresh talent.The industry is not run by a few families (including ours). It belongs to everyone, and it is obvious that everybody would encourage the next generation of upcoming actors,” said PK.

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