Industry Is the Reason For Uday Kiran’s Death: Sivaji Raja


Sivaji-RajaIt has been three years since hero Uday Kiran left this world leaving a bitter memory in the minds of Telugu audience.  He was the cute loverboy of Telugu Films.  On the occasion of his birthday, Uday Kiran Memorial Awards conferred to the winners of Short Film Contest in Prasad Labs, Hyderabad.  Several Film personalities have attended the program and they have spoken about their relationship with Uday Kiran.

Maa President Sivaji Raja has spoken on this event and he got emotional during his speech. He said that “I feel honoured to attend the program which is conducted in the name of Uday Kiran. He was very good friend of mine. Not just me.. he was a very good friend of Srikanth.. Tarun and others. Uday Kiran was a talented actor.  He has grown in his career with his sheer hardwork even though he doesn’t have any background.  It is unfortunate that such an actor passed away very early.  Film industry is the reason for his death. No one in the industry will care about the people who are distress”.

“If the industry could have supported him when he was in troubles, he would have alive today. There are many selfish people in the cinema industry.  Everyone focuses on his own selfish interests.  No one cares about others”.

Sivaji Raja said that watching the award function gave him a feelig that Uday Kiran is alive today among them. Not just Sivaji Raja..but Telugu audience have fond memories of Uday Kiran.