Industry Talk: Get Wet And Get Paid


While the purpose of earning money is always on the top agenda, some heroines make it sure that they use every single opportunity to amass some pennies. Other day they made the best use of Holi festival to take home interesting packages.

In some popular hotels and other resorts, generally some organisers Holi parties where the participants buy tickets for a huge rate and take part in. The general bait to sell tickets is unlimited drinks, food and the participation of some heroines in that party. So what will generally happen is that the ‘unlimited liquor’ aspect gets ticket sold but governments banned in liquor in Holi parties to a bit in Telugu states.

However, other day some parties witnessed huge crowds because many guys want to see the drenched wet look of some heroines. A hottie has flown from Bangalore all the way to take part in a party in Hyderabad. A local siren who is popular due to a recent TV show went all the way to Guntur to get drenched in water. And a couple of star heroines also took part in such parties but they got the contract signed by the organisers, ‘no photos at all’.

“The funda is simple here. Heroines want to get wet and get paid huge. Participants want to get a kick by wetting heroine with colours and feeling some kick. It’s a win-win thing” an event organiser commented.

Other than some wild fetishes, where is the real celebration of a festival angle here?