Innocent Nithiin Paying The Price For Akhil


Nithiin-PayingYoung hero Nithiin turned producer with the prestigious launch pad film of Akhil Akkineni. Both Nithiin’s and Akkineni fans were highly elated and were constantly supporting Nithiin through the making of the film. But everything turned upside down just a week before the film’s scheduled release. On the eve of Bruce Lee’s release, Nithiin shocked the fans saying that Akhil has been delayed due to graphic works.

This naturally upset all the excited Akkineni fans, who resorted to direct verbal attack on Nithiin and even Nag and Nithiin’s father and senior producer Sudhakar Reddy. Several protest meets and even the burning of effigies of the producer and director VV Vinayak took place in an ugly rage of emotions. Angry fans did not leave Nithiin even though he got himself busy with his own film in Trivikram’s direction.

In this situation, one can’t feel anything but sorry for Nithin, since he became the scapegoat of the entire postponement issue. Is it because Nithiin is a fellow actor that he is being targeted? In fact, even though Nithiin is the producer for namesake, it was his father Sudhakar Reddy, who is the real producer.

Apparently, the real reason behind the delay is a CG scene in which Akhil fights off a Tiger. Nag, who strives for perfection, was unhappy with the graphics quality and requested the team to rework on the CG and the team obliged his request. But just because Nithiin announced the delay, he has been dragged into the issue and made to face the fan’s fury.