Inside Talk: Rudhrama’s Story Is Driving Force


Rudhramadevi Movie Live Updates, Celeberities TweetsIn next couple of hours, the fate of Rudhramadevi is going to be sealed. Years of hard efforts, crores of investment, invaluable passion and tonnes of hopes are going to be answered.

At this point of time, when there is huge hype about the film, there is also a negative buzz. But if we have to go by the opinion of some privileged people who watched the film already, nothing could actually stop the storm of this Gunasekhar directorial and production.

Reports emerged that the strong story inside Rudhramadevi film is what drives the film into hearts of audiences. ‘Story itself is intriguing and never heard anywhere. Though we know Rudhrama as a queen, intricate details about her life are not known properly. But Guna has dug deep into the subject and gave a spine chilling detail of the then Kakatiya dynasty’, said Dil Raju, Nizam distributor of the film.

Another close associate of the director who has already seen the film said, ‘You cannot compare this film and its technical standards to Baahubali or such movies. But still, it’s the story of Rudhrama that actually arrests you. Few life changing incidents of Rudhrama are going to give goosebumps’.

Hope all this talk with holds good.