Interesting Clash Between Superstar And Gabbar Singh


Gang-of-Gabbar-SinghThis July 3rd, Telugu film lovers will witness a crazy little clash between the Superstar and Gabbar Singh. Before you jump into further conclusions, here’s the news. This Friday, two small budget films, Superstar Kidnap and Gang of Gabbar Singh, are clashing at the box-office. Both the films are hitting the screens after a long delay.

While Superstar Kidnap is a stylish thriller based on a plan to kidnap, well, none other than the Superstar Mahesh Babu. In the film, three youths, played by Nandoo, Adarsh and Bhupal, resort to kidnap Mahesh Babu after all their plans to succeed in life fail. Whether these youths will finally manage to kidnap the Superstar is to be watched on the screen.

On the other hand, yet another long delayed low budget film, Gang of Gabbar Singh, featuring almost all the ‘Gabbar Singh Gang’ of the famous police station Anthyakashari scene fame have been cast in the film, along with Shakeela. The film is an out and out comedy and the makers are trying to cash in on the craze behind the film’s title. There is a slight curiosity about these films among the fans of both the leading stars of Tollywood. Let us see which film will triumph at the box-office this Friday.