Intiki Ra Ra: Pawan Tells Charan


There is a huge turnout for the Success Meet of ‘Rangasthalam’ held at the Police Grounds in Hyderabad. This success meet isn’t like the regular events happening in the recent years. It’s been conducted after the Ram Charan-starrer achieved blockbuster status and broke many non-Baabubali records as well.

Pawan Kalyan attending such an event as chief guest has really brought immense craze. When he was offered the mike to express his views, Ram Charan said: ‘I am at loss of words. Actually, I thought of speaking a lot but I am unable to express while standing in front of Pawan Babai’.

Then, Mega Powerstar added, ‘I wasn’t able to forget the reactions of three people (Dad, Mom, Babai) upon watching ‘Rangasthalam’. My Mom’s reaction is in my heart. Knowing that Babai hasn’t watched the movie, I thought of going to his house and request him to watch it. Even before I could do that, I had received a call from Babai. He said to Me – Intiki Ra Ra! He was reluctant to watch the film either in the house or preview theatre. Instead, He wished to watch the films in the theatre along with fans. After Rangasthalam, This is the film he watched in a theatre. Thank you Babai again & again’.