Inttelligent Vs Tholiprema: Mega Hero Opens Up


Inttelligent-Vs-TholipremaEven though no hero openly speaks about it, there is always a hidden competition between any two actors. Especially when the movies of two actors of same range are releasing on the same day then the competition will be at peaks. But what if both the heroes belong to the same family? Will there be a competition then too?

The two emerging heroes who came out of mega compound are in the same scenario. They are none other than Sai Dharam Tej and Varun Tej. Both of their upcoming movies are scheduled to hit the big screens on the same day, February 9th. Though there have been some speculations on the release date, Sai Dharam Tej has recently cleared the air about the clash.

Thanking director Vinayak for making a film with him after scoring a superhit like Khaidi No 150 with Megastar Chiranjeevi, Sai Dharam Tej stressed that his cousin’s film that is releasing on the same day will also become a hit. “There is a clash between Tholiprema and Inttelligent. I wish both the movies to become superhits”, he claimed. But does this clearly explain the real clash?

Varun Tej’s Tholi Prema is being directed by debutant Venky Atluri, due to which some may underestimate it. But Vinayak is no hit-machine these days and Khaidi No. 150 is a different film altogether. So a clash between these two films will only split mega fans and divide the audiences.

We hear that the clash of egos between producers C Kalyan and BVSN Prasad is actually the reason behind this same day release. But the clash will be little risky as both the heroes belong to same fraternity here.