IPL mystery girl – Poonam Kaur!


IPL-mystery-girl---Poonam-KaurFew actresses fail to secure any image even though they try harder than ever. They try to maintain good relationships, attend functions, Page3 parties, try to pose seductively and even release some gossips through their PRs but still remain struggling actors even after a considerable amount of time. Poonam Kaur who debuted in a SV Krishna Reddy movie, a decade back still remained as popular as she was during her early days.

She tried everything under the sun, acted in seductive roles, tried to woo Tamil audience but failed to do so. All of sudden she became national famous as a mystery girl during the IPL Opening Ceremony. The actress was in the crowd laughing at the performance of Amy Jackson who literally proved that she can’t dance Saala with two left feet.

Well, National media is going crazy about the Mystery girl and we wonder why couldn’t see come out say, it is her, Poonam Kaur rather than letting this mystery girl facade. May be she is busy enjoying her 10 seconds of fame!