Is Dil Raju Betting Too Much On 2.0?


Rajnikanth is definitely South Superstar. He is stardom cannot be matched by any of his contemporaries or their next generation stars. He grew his market Overseas and across India with his highly entertaining films and style.

But this decade, mainly after Robo, none of his films have been profitable to the distributors. Even big players have been fearing to put in huge money on his film in Telugu states. It is a whole different story in Tamil Nadu.

Now, Dil Raju made a decision to buy 2.0 rights for Rs. 82 crores with GST, from Lyca Productions in Telugu States with several big distributors as partners.

Even films of Mahesh, Jr. NTR, Ram Charan cannot guarantee such huge return on Investment despite of hit or flop at the box office.

This year, Dil Raju has been facing losses all over with films he produced and distributed failing at the box office. He did say that he is vary to bet huge on big films after Agnyathavasi and he is the only distributor to be safe with Aravindha Sametha.

With 2.0 to be in safe zone the movie needs to collect Rs. 30 crores in Nizam, his territory. First day and first weekend could be huge but for lifetime of a Rajni film to be that high in this market and during dull season in Telugu states, for films is a huge gamble. Is he committing big mistake?

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