Is Ilayathalapathy Vijay The Future Chief Minister Of Tamil Nadu?


Ilayathalapathy-VijayIlayathalapathy Vijay has never been shy in accepting the fact that he has a dream of building a political career of his own in order to bring about positive changes in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Recently it was reported that Vijay’s father SA Chandrasekhar had requested him to concentrate on his acting career until he turns 50 when the Kaththi  star had expressed his interest of starting up a political party of his own. Such is Vijay’s interest in this field that serves people, it is said.

Now, the result of a recently conducted poll might fuel his ambition and boost his confidence, if he decides to take up politics as his career in the future.

A poll conducted by a popular weekly suggests that a whopping 75 percent of people in Tamil Nadu believe that Vijay could be their ideal leader in the future, according to a report by IndiaGlitz.

The poll was aimed at bringing out public’s opinion on whom they think among film stars will bring positive changes to the state, should they decide to enter politics.

Ilayathalapathy Vijay has been adjudged the winner by a long way as his contemporaries have not even come close to him at the end of the poll.