Is It Really Sri Reddy’s Post?


Actress Sri Reddy achieved wonderful popularity with the fight on the casting couch. She has made several allegations on the Tollywood celebrities but she didn’t show any proofs except for the pics of Daggubati Abhiram. She made serious allegations on Abhiram that he used her in the name of giving film offers.

Sri Reddy landed into trouble after personally attacking Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. As TV channels maintained distance from her after the hungama, she has been expressing her views on the social media frequently. Whenever she refers Daggubati Suresh in her posts, she used to refer him as ‘Mama’, whenever she refers Rana Daggubati.. she used to refer him as ‘Bavagaru’ in a satiric manner. But she has surprised everybody for the first time by referring him ‘sir’ in a respectful manner contrary to her regular approach.

It is known that Rana has been suffering from an eye-related issue and he is getting ready for the surgery. Responding to the reports she wrote on her Facebook page that “I am feeling sorry about Rana sir’s health issue.. I hope it is small..get well soon..god bless you.” Netizens are surprised to see this kind of post from Sri Reddy.