Is Mahesh Acting Like A Dictator?


The thing with stars is that, they tend to get a bit too egoistic when they see that their stock is on the rise and far too friendly, when it isn’t.

But this behavior has been changing from stars except for occasional tantrums. Many of them prefer to be honest and punctual, at least to what time they prefer to work.

Mahesh Babu is known for giving his 100% but even the star, seems to have changed a lot these days, say TFI sources.

He is demanding producers to join each other and produce his films. Also, he is asking the directors to plan outdoor shoots only in abroad if they want to shoot in local locations, he is asking to put up sets, it seems.

Also, with directors he is not as flexible as before, it seems. He is asking them to tell what works for him and what they have imagined. He is very strict on box office potential of an idea or a scene, it seems.

He did not want to work with Sukumar too, if the script did not match his expectations. Anyways, these are just rumors from TFI circles and we cannot attest them as truth and we don’t intend to also.

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