Is Mahesh Endorsing Jana Sena?


Jana Sena Party & Glass Tumbler are inseparable ever since it’s been allotted as the election symbol. Whenever a Popular Personality was found holding the tea glass in hand, It gave an impression that he/she might be endorsing the party-led by Powerstar. This assumption mayn’t be true always but Mega Fans won’t mind taking it seriously.

In the new poster confirming the launch of #PhirShuru Song at 4.05 pm on Tuesday, Mahesh Babu could be seen sipping tea in a glass tumbler. The intensity with which he looks makes it pleasing to watch.

Is Mahesh endorsing Jana Sena Party? If that’s true, This poster would have arrived before April 11th not post the completion of elections. Certainly, Mahesh won’t be taking an anti-TDP Stand as long as his Brother-in-Law Galla Jaydev continues in the Ruling Party. Nevertheless, Pawan Fans will be pleased to watch Superstar hold the glass tumbler in hand.

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