Is Nag-Nani DevaDas A Freemake?


Films that are officially re-made after buying rights are called re-makes. Films that “copy” or take “inspiration” are called Freemakes.

We can see many such freemakes in our Industry and even big directors and production houses have done that in past and doing in present.

Many are now looking at Nag and Nani’s multi-starrer, Devadas and saying it could be a copy or freemake of Analyse This.

Billy Crystal, the famous comedian is the doctor of an underworld Mob boss, played by Robert De Niro, in the film. So, many think this DevaDas is a movie taken from the Hollywood comedy.

Well, we haven’t seen any publicity material yet and to come to a conclusion that the movie could be a copy or freemake seems a bit unfair. But going with history of our makers, this could be a possibility. Let’s wait for further evidence before jumping the gun.