Is Nani Demanding A Huge 50% Of Budget?


The rumors and reports about actors and their remuneration have always been fascinating subject to read. We saw 90’s stars slowly hike upto crores from Lakhs and once Chiranjeevi getting Rs. 1.50 CR paycheck made National headlines.

Now, the remunerations in Bollywood are said to be more than Rs. 40 crs for Khans and Rs. 20 – 25 crs range for Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh. Even big stars in Telugu Cinema, today like Mahesh, Ram Charan, Jr. NTR are said to be drawing paychecks more than Rs.15 crs and Rs. 20 crs.

Natural Star Nani, who scored back to back hits and established a market of good Rs 30 -35 crores, is said to have increased his remuneration.

This year he delivered one Flop and one average grosser at the box office. After carefully going through his market situation and his popularity, he decided to take 50% of the production budget as his remuneration.

He has been taking Rs. 7-8 crs as remuneration from last one year and this new hike is to give producers who are coming searching for him a heads up it seems.

His films can be sold at Rs. 33 -35 crs range to producers and he urges them to produce within Rs. 20 -22 crs range
which leaves them with a huge profit prior to release.

With the hike, he could be expecting a remuneration of Rs. 11-12 crs per film easily. This will increase the budget by Rs. 5-6 crs, still there is a good margin of profit for producers.

For him to keep going with this plan, he needs two to three strong hits like Vijay Devarakonda had. Even the young Vijay has said to have hiked his remuneration to double figures, recently.

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