Is Pawan Kalyan a Christian ?


pawan-kalyan1As per the Filmy rumours, Power star Pawan Kalyan would take interest in keeping Christian Bits in his early Movies.

If the history of his movies is noticed, this seems to be true.

In Suswagatham movie, one of his friends is a chistain by name ‘Peter’.
In Tholi Prema, the Heroine of the Movie     Keerthi Reddy wears “Santa Claus ” dress for two times.

In Badri, there would be a dialogue ” Oh Jesus”.

Johnny- Johny itself is the name of a christian. The story of Johny Movie was inspired by the History of Jesus. Jesus gave up his life for all. In the Johny Movie, the hero even becomes ready to give up his life for the Heroine.

In Jalsa , he wears a “GAP” T- shirt.GAP stands for God (Jesus) Answers Prayers.

The latest news about Power star Pawan Kalyan is that he will directing Jesus Christ in the movie. The news was that he will be playing Christ, but it seems that the actor will be directing a movie based on Christ.
During the movie’s shoot Pawan Kalyan involves and realizes more about Jesus and his sacrifices. When Christ is being crucified, Pawan becomes a follower of Christ. This movie is produced by Konda Krishnamraju under Aditya Productions banner and the film is tentatively titled as “Traffic Jam”.