Is Releasing Peniviti Promo A Bad Move?


Peniviti song from Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava created a huge buzz due to soulful lyrics and Ramjogayya Sastry, the lyricist, hyped it up like never before. The song is the only highly popular hit from the entire album.

SS Thaman couldn’t really come up with tunes that doesn’t sound like rehash of his own tunes. But the fans of NTR had good hopes that the BGM will be nice.

The theatrical trailer made a huge impact with good hype and buzz. Then recently, the team released Peniviti song promo.

Even though the makers have said that it will be an emotional song sung by hero remembering her mother, many wanted it to be a montage song with powerful visuals.

Rather when they saw NTR dancing for the song in a club, they are upset about it and started wondering did Trivikram really change or lost his senses completely.

Well, the production team is confident that once fans will see the movie they will understand and are continuing their work. In any case, the damage has been done with other fans pouncing on this opportunity to spread negative word.

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