Is Salman Khan engaged to Lulia Vantur?


Salman-Khan-and-Lulia-VantuTime and again, rumour mills get fresh wind with speculation on Salman Khan and his wedding plans. This time there are talks of Salman Khan and Romanian TV celebrity Lulia Vantur getting engaged!

According to a report in Pinkvilla, Lulia Vantur has returned to Romania and her PR claims that she and Salman are engaged and the wedding might be scheduled for next year. Around the time of Arpita Khan’s wedding, there were rumours doing the round that Dabangg actor had openly told his family that Lulia is his girlfriend. There has never been an official confirmation from Salman Khan, though.

Salman has never answered the questions about his wedding plans. He is still single and prefers to laugh off the questions hurled at him. While speaking at one of the press conferences for Bigg Boss 9, he replied, “Marriage is not for the lifetime, in which generation are you living in… not happening”. Later he asked the reporter, “You want me to get married, temporary or permanent?” When a reporter told Salman not to get married, he said, “Nice debate… some saying get married, some saying don’t get married. Are you all trying to convince me or demoralise me?”