Is The Comparison Between Tarak And Nani, Right?


There will be different arguments to one statement and different analysis to one incident. It is highly common to have hatred or love towards one thing or one person due to the way we judge them or compare them.

Tarak a.k.a Jr. NTR has a greater fan base than Nani and his talent as an actor is also different. We can never cimpare them both as Nani can’t really pull off what NTR does and vice versa.

Fans might find it hard to agree but that is the truth. Not every actor needs to be called versatile just because they can act in any role. Some shine in tailor made roles better and some work hard to at least give a believable performance in every thing they touch.

So, comparison doesn’t hold true even when you take stalwarts like Sr. NTR, ANR and SVR. Each have their own unique strength and weakness but when they are able to grab your attention and deliver the goods, then you will automatically applaud.

When it comes hosting also, it is the same. The personality of the other person comes to the forefront and that uniqueness makes you love them or hate them. If you remember before Nani looked biased or one-sided, he used to be the reason why many switch on the Bigg Boss show during the weekends.

Even fans of various contestants used to wait for his take on the issues and his comic timing. He worked hard to make the episodes entertaining enough for audience to be engaged. But then Kaushal popularity skyrocketed and Nani went after him without completely looking at the episodes or situations due to his work pressures.

Still, he managed to keep his calm and as a person no one is above friendships and personal tensions and likes, dislikes. So, trying to blame him for a show that was almost forgettable if not for a player like Kaushal, seems too harsh on an actor who turned into an host for the first time ever.

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