Is This Controversy For Publicity?


Kick-2-trimmedAs Mass Raja Raviteja has openly criticised director Surender Reddy for his decision over run-time of the film, this is now being seen as a different strategy. Because our hero is known for his soft and jovial nature, also he never criticises anyone rather openly.

Maybe director Surender Reddy has called for a more run-time for Kick 2 to make the movie get an emotional ending, but such decisions are never discussed in the public eye. Also after delivering a hit like Race Gurram, probably Suri’s decisions are quite well valued. Even Raviteja would be knowing all this stuff. In this context, we have to say that Ravi might have criticised the movie for the sake of creating some extra publicity as the film’s collections have slightly slipped to the lower side of the curve. Otherwise this controversial comment doesn’t suit a man of plain heart like Raviteja.

On the flip side, arrival of other new Telugu films is from September 4th, so Kick 2 could have a safe run till then. By that time, it has to amass a massive sum.