Is Tiger Lacking A Girl To Romance?


tigerA hero without a heroine? That’s very rare we see in Indian films. Serious films that have raw and gripping content will surely work at box office even if a hero doesn’t get someone to pair with, but for commercial cinema, heroine is a must.

Seems like young hero Sandeep Kishan who’s still struggling to establish himself as a happening hero is coming up with such experiment. His forthcoming film is “Tiger”, which will be hitting cinemas on June 26th. In this film, heroine Seerat Kapoor is paired with hero Rahul Ravindran if we have to go by trailers and posters. Sandeep is acting as a best buddy of Rahul and will go to any extent to save him.

Our films generally don’t excite audiences if a hero gets someone else’s girl mid way. So there is no question of Seerat romancing Sandeep from second half of flick. That means ‘Tiger’ is lacking a girl to romance. With not much stardom around, can Sandeep pull this no-heroine feat to a victory? Too early to experiment such things in career!!!