It Is Legend SS Rajamouli Birthday Today


The name Rajamoul itself has now become a brand. Just like any star hero in the industry, this ace director also got a massive fan following. With ‘Baahubali’, lakhs of people from all over the world became fans of Rajamouli.

Though his movies involve in controversies before the release, every film of him became a blockbuster. With each movie, he has been setting the bars up very high for all the other directors. As the trade declared that there is no way for a movie to breach the records set by his magnum opus ‘Baahubali 2’, a new non-Baahubali record came up. Even the topmost film critics comment that everyone should learn a lot from Rajamouli and his marketing strategy is a lesson for all. There was a time where the nation fixated the eyes on Bollywood and then ‘Baahubali’ happened which made the entire world look up to Tollywood. The Telugu Film Industry is honored to have a talented, creative and passionate director like Rajamouli.

Today, it is his 45th birthday. The fans and celebrities are pouring their wishes on social media. The fans are eagerly waiting for an update about his upcoming biggest multi-starrer movie ‘RRR’. Happy Birthday, Rajamouli..

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