It is My Birthday Gift to Mahesh: Namrata


Mahesh-Namrata‘Birthday boy’ Mahesh Babu is basking in the glory of Srimanthudu. With trade pundits declaring the movie as the second biggest grosser of Telugu film industry and highest opener in Mahesh Babu’s career ever, it’s jubilation for Ghattamaneni fans, clan. Besides the stupendous success of Srimanthudu, Mahesh is celebrating his birthday today.  On the eve, we managed to have a candid chat with Namrata, the lady behind Mahesh Babu, who is cynosure of all eyes. Excerpts:

Srimanthudu is highest opener for Mahesh and expected to be highest grosser in his career. How’s your feeling?

More than commercial success, critical acclaim is what matters most. Of course, commercial success too is very important. But all critics lapping up the film unanimously is a rarity and it happened for Srimanthudu. We’re very happy with it. I’m on cloud nine. Mahesh too is delighted. Finally, all his efforts have paid off.

The talk is that you play vital role in decision making. True?

No, it’s not true. I don’t know how it came out. Mahesh Babu is good decision maker. He chooses his own stories, roles and directors. He’s a better judge than me at times. I come in the last.

What’s your role in Srimanthudu?

Even for Srimanthudu, I came on board in the last. I got involved in the project only after completion of the film. I just oversaw things, promotions. Frankly, I’ve played a little role. Mahesh, director, producers and technicians should get full credit.

Srimanthudu success and Mahesh’s birthday. Any big celebration?

It’s double celebrations. But Mahesh keeps his birthday low-key affair. He spends time with family. He’s not party person. He likes spending time with Goutham and Sitara.

What’s your birthday gift to Mahesh? Any surprise gifts you planned?

No surprise gifts. Srimanthudu success is my gift to Mahesh on his birthday as I’ve did my bit for film. Before marriage, I used to surprise him with gifts. But now, he only surprises us with sudden trips.

Being mother of two, how is it like? Are you missing silver screen?

No, I’m not missing anything. Motherhood is the best thing that happened to me. Of all the tags in my life (Model, Miss India, Actor, Star wife), I enjoy being mother of two. My life is centered around Goutham, Sitara and Mahesh.

Are Goutham and Sitara fluent in Telugu?

(Laughs out loud) Unlike me, Goutham and Sitara are fluent in Telugu. I’m improving my Telugu. It’s better than before.

To whom Goutham, Sitara close to? Mahesh or you? Who is like whom?

It’s not like that. Goutham, Sitara are close to both Mahesh, me. But they say, I’m strict mom. Goutham is very much like his dad. He is mirror image to Mahesh. Whereas Sitara strikes close resemblances to me. She is social and does lot of hungama at home. She is three-year old and now going to school. Goutham is 8-yr-old. He is reserved. Even in school, he is very reserved. Many times, Mahesh wonders saying that Goutham is just like him. Goutham is big fan of Mahesh. Sitara is very young to understand but she recognizes “Nanna song”, “Nanna photo”.

On parting note, could you share us anything about Mahesh which we know very little.

Not many know that Mahesh has very great sense of humour. He cracks good, timely jokes and keep all of us in splits. He is friendly. But it takes some time for him to settle. Once he strikes rapport with anyone, he is very cool.