It was his scary voice


Ravi-ShankarThe much-awaited teaser of Mahesh-MurugaDas upcoming movie Spyder is released. The movie features Tamil director S.J.Surya in the antagonist role. The voice of Surya’s character in the teaser is his voice itself.

However, the movie unit didnt involved Surya in the dubbing works. After the dubbing works are over, the team stated that Ravi Shankar did the dubbing. Ravi Shankar is the same person who is famous for his dialogue in Arundathi “Vadala Bommali Vadala”. He gave dubbing for Sonusood’s role in that film.

As per the reports audience did not like the original voice of S.J.Surya in the teaser and thats why the movie unit asked Ravi Shankar to give his voice. So the voice that is going to be heard in the upcoming trailer of the movie will be Ravi Shankar’s. S.J.Surya gave dubbing in the Tamil version of the movie. If S.J.Surya’s acting and Ravi Shankar’s voice clicked well we can say that Tollywood audience will gain a new villain.