It’s Not Darling, Its Tej: Sai Dharam


Mega Nephew Sai Dharam Tej is presently working on ‘Tej.. I love you’ in the direction of Karunakaran. The mega hero pinned a lot of hopes on the film as he is going through a rough phase in his career. As the movie is getting ready for the release, the team has recently started promotions by releasing a few movie posters.

Teju is seen carrying a guitar and holding a mic in one of the posters like a rockstar. Though the poster looks wonderful, some netizens started drawing comparisons with Prabhas movie ‘Darling’ poster. When Teju recently had a chit-chat with the followers on Twitter yesterday, they asked about it. The mega hero answered them “Just because I have a guitar and I hold a mic doesn’t mean its darling….. and it’s Tej…I love you.”

We can understand the intention of Teju because a rock star getup can’t be portrayed without a guitar and a mic. If someone says it is copied from some other film, there is no point in it. But the interesting thing is how Karunakaran presents Teju in the new film. Can he deliver a super hit for the struggling mega hero with this film?