It’s Rajamouli’s Fight With His Own Father!


BahubaliDramatising every single scene with his mind blowing imaginative power is what Rajamouli specialised at. For that reason, even a simple story would look hair rising when narrated by this creative director. An interesting talk is happening in film nagar around this director’s latest project now.

On July 10th Rajamouli’s ‘Baahubali’ will be releasing across globe, while a week later on July 17th Salman Khan’s ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ is hitting cinemas. It’s well known by now that Vijayendra Prasad has provided original story and screenplay for Salman’s movie. Going by the trailer, we could read blockbuster on the way for Salman this Eid but here’s where we have to talk about ‘Baahubali’.

If Vijayendra Prasad’s Bajrangi story creates hefty impact, then it will be his son’s Baahubali that has to take pain at box office. With just a week of buffer for Baahubali to face Salman storm, it looks like Rajamouli has to fight with his own father’s work to stay in race at pan-Indian ticket counters where Hindi version of this epic war film is being screened. With crores involved into the production of Baahubali, success at Tollywood box office isn’t enough for makers to breathe a relief. Even Hindi and Tamil versions should score a brownie.

Coming to Kollywood, we’re hearing that Danush’s Maari and Simbu’s Vaalu are coming on July 17th, packing Baahubali from both sides. In Telugu, Rajamouli could mint millions for many weeks but Tamil and Hindi circuits left him with short time.