I’ve Dated But Not Found My Love: Hebah Patel


Hebah-PatelAlthough she made an impressive debut with Ala Ila, Kumari 21F is her shot to fame. The film made her quite popular in Telugu households and especially got her place in the hearts of youth. Since then, Hebah Patel’s personal life has been the subject of discussion. Especially it’s hot topic for media and gossip mongers.

In a candid conversation with Gulte, Hebah Patel wears a heart on her sleeve and opens up about all.

‘Breakup’ & ‘Patchup’ with Raj Tarun

(Laughs out loud) It’s totally misconstrued. There was no truth. It was during the pumpkin-breaking function of Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam. When I was asked to walk the ramp walk with Raj Tarun, I walked disinterestedly. So it was mistook as I didn’t want to walk with Raj Tarun and it was cooked as ‘breakup’ and later on when we teamed up again it was cooked as ‘Patch-up’. That is not true at all. In fact, then, I did not want to walk the ramp at all. It has nothing to do with Raj Tarun. Also on dais, I couldn’t stand with Raj Tarun because I wanted to talk to Ravi Babu sir and I was standing next to him. So, it’s neither a breakup nor a patch-up.

Raj and me have been good friends. It’s unfair to say we’re in relationship just because we are working for more films. Since our’s is successful combination, makers want us together. There’s nothing beyond professional connection. In fact, I’m tired of clarifying this.

I’ve Dated But Not Found My Love

(Admits) Yes, I have dated but I have not found my love. I’ve dated a person outside industry. But it didn’t last long. My family is aware of it. They are very understanding and supporting. Without them, I’d not have come this far.

House in Mumbai

Since I’m from Maharashtra, my goal is to buy a house in Mumbai for my family. This is my top priority right now. As you know, it’s not easy to buy a house in Mumbai. After this, then I think of buying one for me in Hyderabad. Telugu audiences have been very nice to me and accepted me unconditionally. My loyalty is always to Telugu.


I’m quite excited for my next Mister where I’m playing non-bubbly role for the first-time in my career. I’m looking forward to the film to know how audiences will receive my different role. I’m glad to team up with a big director like Sreenu Vaitla sir at the very early of my career. Also very happy to work with Varun Tej who is committed and passionate actor. Personally, am elated to part of the big film. Mister has fulfilled most of my checklist including visiting foreign locations. Only dancing in foreign in a saree is pending though.

I’m going to watch the film along with my best friends Rahul Ravindran and Vennela Kishore. This is my sentiment. Since Ala Ela, I watch every film of mine with Rahul and Kishore in theatre for the first time. It is my sentiment. After Mister release, I’ll go back to home.


Let me make some money first. (Hebah grins)

Arranged? Or Love Marriage?

It has a lot of time. I don’t know what’s in store. Marriage can wait. Right now, my focus is on movies.

Favourite Actors

Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor are my most favourite actors. I’m more than happy to act even as a junior artiste standing in a last row in Salman’s film.

Dream Role

There is no dream role for me. But I’ve dream directors and actors I’d love to work. But Jab We Met is my most favourite film and Kareena’s role is the role I love most. This role has inspired me to take up acting.

Destiny’s Child

So far, whatever has happened in my life is pure destiny. I’ve never dreamt of becoming an actress let alone making it big. I never planned my career and am. I don’t know whether it is good or bad.