I’ve Got A Brother.. Kajal Century


Kalyan Ram has impressed everybody in the pre-release event of ‘MLA’ by inviting each all the team members on to the stage to thank them. He has even invited the designers as well to thank them. Kalyan Ram said that all the actors who acted in ‘MLA’ took the movie to the next level.

He said that ‘Ravi Kishan is a Superstar in Bhojpuri. But he is doing villain characters in Telugu. When I asked him why he is doing these character despite being a superstar?.. he answered ‘to learn something new’. I didn’t understand what he was saying.. because after acting in 500+ films what would he learn now? I’ve got a good brother. He is a God-given brother to me.” He encouraged the fans that they are going to see a new Kalyan Ram in the film.

“Editor is like a second wife to the director. Tammiraju is the editor for ‘MLA’. If there is any waste shot in the film, he says that he will cut it. If I appear dull in a scene, he says ‘Why are you doing like this sir.. please do it better’. He fought with the director several times in the editing room. The movie will not have a boring moment.. the entire credit goes to him.”

It is known that Kajal Aggarwal entered the industry with Kalyan Ram film ‘Lakshmi Kalyanam’. Kalyan Ram said “I keep asking Kajal that I’ve done only 14 films till now.. how could you complete 50 films? I worked with her after 12 years gap.. she has not changed personally. But she has grown up as a professional. If director explains a scene, she can suggest the betterment.. that’s her professionalism. I wish Kajal should do another 50 films.”

“I call Allari Naresh as Babai. He is the only person I call ‘Babai’. We used to meet regularly in the past. I stopped meeting him after marriage. Sorry Babai. He always gives me the first invitation to his audio events. I missed his events. I’ll definitely attend Babai audio functions from now onwards.”