Jabardasth Actor Vinod aka Vinodini’s suicide attempt?


Jabardasth-Vinod-suicide-attemptRumours are rife about Jabardasth fame actor Vinod aka Vinodini. That the actor attempted suicide.

Here is what actually happened. Vinod’s mother Siromanamma who used to stay in Kadapa shifted to his sister Lakshmamma’s place Kurnool’s Bondaladinne. His sister has a daughter and the mother and daughter planned to have the daughter wedded to Vinod.

The actor however, differed with their thoughts and did not like to marry sister’s daughter. With this the two used force to convince Vinod. And in this sequence, he got his hand injured. But news came out that he was kidnapped and that he attempted to commit a suicide. When police went there, Vinod gave a written statement that nothing happened to him and that he did not attempt any suicide too!

We hope his mother understand’s and approves of his choices.