Jabardasth Anchor Rashmi tortured in Facebook


Rashmi-tortured-in-FacebookAnchors these days are targeted more than top actress and we have seen plenty of incidents happening in recent past. Anchor Anasuya who also complained regarding bad comments on her in social media stopped being active in social media for a long time. Now it’s turn for Anchor Rashmi who replaced Anchor Anasuya in Jabardasth most popular comedy show.

Things are not going good for Rashmi as she replaced Anasuya in anchoring Jabardasth. As Jabardasth started as a good show is turning worse day by day with some bad comments on skits performed targeting top heroes in industry. Frustrated fans are not happy with this and they started targeting all stars of Jabardasth in social media.

As we see Rashmi’s social media profile is filled with all bad videos of her in past and people started commenting bad on her after watching them. Reacting to this Rashmi said that “That is her past and she never wish to go back to that kind of past. Everyone will have a bad or good past so it’s not good to bring all those back and make a point out at my career.”