Jackie Chan And Sharon Stone To Watch Srimanthudu


MaheshThey are two big Hollywood names. We couldn’t imagine English films that have made us without remembering the martial arts and comedy stunts put on by Jackie Chan. At the same time, youths of the 90s still die for the hotness of ‘Basic Instinct’ fame heroine Sharon Stone. And guess what these two stalwarts are going to do today?

On Friday evening, both Jackie and Sharon are very likely to watch ‘Srimanthudu’ movie. Yes, you read it right. Apparently there is ‘Festival Of Globe’ annual event that happens in USA, where the organisers honour cultures of various countries along with screening films and other cultural events. On the opening day of this festival which is happening in San Jose, California, from August 7th-16th, ‘Srimanthudu’ movie will be screened as the first flick to inaugurate the movie night, exactly at 8.30 pm at Camera 12 Cinemas.

Hollywood celebrities including Jackie Chan and Sharon Stone are attending the event while Ileana and Neha Dhupia would also accompany them. Definitely Mahesh Babu will be enthralling those international and NRI audiences with his charms, while Shruti gives them an ultimate kick anyway.