Jacqueline Fernandez Short Hair for my Gentleman!


Jacqueline Fernandez needed time to understand the tricks of the trade but once she understood them, she has been one of the most active heroines in Bollywood who would promote their movie by any means. Many actresses who promote their movies try hard to include their movies name in everything they do and even Jackie is doing the same.

For her movie, A Gentleman with Siddharth Malhotra, she has gone all hot and full crazy by doing everything that makers have asked her to do. She wore Bikinis, did long lengthy kissing scenes, raunchy dance numbers and pole dance too entice audience to the theatres.

Now, she is also promoting the movie at every possible turn she can. She posted the above picture where she is looking into the mirror seductively. The actress captioned that her hero doesn’t like long hair so, she has shortened it. Well, with the movie release date, 25th August coming closer, we may have to witness many more craze promotions from the actress!  Jacqueline-fernandezShort-Hair-for-my-Gentleman